The Worst TikTok Gym Fails

Effective Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Many pharmaceutical drugs are available in the market to treat anxiety but they all have some known side effects. Nature is full of plants that can help to calm and relax without producing adverse effects. Find out about herbs that may be effective at treating of anxiety.

How Can a Sports Chiropractor Help With Knee Pain Using Active Release Techniques?

This is a good question, one that I frequently hear when talking with active people in my community. Fortunately, there is something that can be done about knee pain! There are several things that will help alleviate knee pain! It’s not always an easy fix, and these things may require quite a bit of your time and effort. But there is hope!

Which Is a Better Tool for a Sports Chiropractor? Active Release Techniques or Graston?

Learn more about two techniques that a sports chiropractor might use, Active Release Techniques and Graston technique. Which will work best for you?

Resolving Tennis Elbow With Active Release Techniques

Are you having pain along the outside of your elbow? Whether or not you are a tennis player, you may have developed Tennis Elbow, which is treatable by a sports chiropractor with Active Release Techniques.

Painful Plantar Fasciitis Healed by Active Release Techniques Treatment From Chiropractor

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition, in which a person feels heel pain (or pain elsewhere on the bottom of their foot) that is usually at its worst first thing in the morning. This condition can persist for months to years, and may cause the person to limit their normal work, athletic, and recreational activities due to the severe pain. It is named after the connective tissues on the bottom (plantar side) of the foot.

Myths And Fears About Chiropractic

Chiropractic is one of the safest treatments for back and neck problems. However, some people still don’t really understand what chiropractors do.

What Is The Theory Behind Homeopathy?

When traditional medicines fail to work, many people tend to turn to alternatives these days. Of the many alternatives available, homeopathy has gathered a huge following during recent years; however, does it really work, or are desperate people just clutching at straws?

Natural Options to Deal With Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that must be dealt with every day, natural medicine can help make the load easier to carry improving general health in a diabetic patient. There are many ways in Nature that can help lower blood pressure and glucose levels.

Insomnia – Is It the Bane of Your Life?

Insomnia is something that can affect us all from time to time, so how can we help ourselves to get a good night’s sleep? Could hypnotherapy help us and get us back on track to achieving a constructive sleep pattern that allows us to have 8 hours of quality sleep a night, which we are told will help us to concentrate better and be more alert in our day-to-day activities?

Detox Foot Pad Review: A Natural Non-Invasive Remedy

Detox foot pads are adhesive patches that are generally about the size of a silver dollar or a traditionally sized playing card that are attached to the bottom of the foot. Their purpose is to employ organic ingredients that naturally draw toxins from the body.

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