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The Best Among Portable Oxygen Concentrators

The portable oxygen concentrator has a lot of advantages over the traditional cylinder tank and hence, both new oxygen patient and the experienced patient need not suffer anymore with the heavy cylinders. Besides being light weight as well as ensuring continuous supply of oxygen, the portable concentrator can be switched over from the domestic AC power to the DC power in the car or to battery power.

Achieving Good Health Using Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a science which emphasizes on life. It was invented in India about five thousand years ago. It focuses on restoring stability in the body via diet, standard of living, exercise and purification of the body. This also includes the body, mind and spirit’s well-being.

Crystal Healing: New Age “Hooey” or Truth?

How can a rock be anything more than a rock much less help a person to heal? To answer this question, we must venture beyond the physical existence which we currently think is “all there is” to this reality we are living in.

Assisting Yourself in Ayurveda

Help yourself. Ayurveda is definitely a practice you would want to consider. Ayurveda is basically an early Hindu science related to medicine and health. It consists of ‘ayus’ and ‘veda’ which stand for life and knowledge respectively.

Yoga Ayurveda

Ayurvedic is a Hindu practice known as the ‘science of life’. Yoga ayurveda falls into this category and it is a highly popular form.

Natural Ayurveda – A Deeper Look

Ayurveda is a traditional Hindu form of medicine which emphasizes on yogic breathing, diet and herbal treatment. According to Marc Halpern, natural health ayurveda worked effectively for him. It is stated that a connective tissue disarray caused him to become crippled when he was completing his degree in chiropractic medicine back in 1987.

How We Really Become Ill and How to Get Healthy

There is a cause or a number of causes of every disease or ailment. By removing that cause or causes, every disease or ailment can be cured. This revelation in completely contrary to the ideology of the conventional medical establishment which is highly influenced by multinational pharmaceutical companies and other highly-profitable medical modalities (surgical, radiological, diagnostic, etc.). Our immune systems have been severely compromised by all of the toxins and pollutants that we have taken in over years and continue to take in. Our compromised immune systems are then unable to fend off foreign invaders like parasites, bacteria, viruses, etc. Many of these foreign invaders are then instrumental in causing many of our diseases and ailments.

Basic Health Guidelines – How to Become or How to Stay Healthy

The primary mechanism which protects our health and assists our bodies in rejuvenating our living tissues is commonly referred to as our immune system. Our immune systems are primarily comprised of various types of white blood cells. Each type of white blood cell performs a different chore within the immune system. Our immune systems usually function quite well replacing old, worn-out cells and protecting us against disease. However, because much of our environment (our air, our water, our food, our homes, etc.) has become polluted with so many toxins, our immune systems can easily become overwhelmed by these toxins and unable to perform their duties. When this happens, our immune systems are no longer able to protect us and diseases can run rampant in our bodies.

Whisper Relaxation Scripts

I was tasked (I say “tasked”, but I really enjoyed it!) with recording a series of relaxation scripts a few weeks ago. Guided imagery, sleep, focus – you know the genre. In the process, I became interested in the techniques that are used by therapists to get people to relax. In addition to voice over, I am a working healthcare professional and have the opportunity to speak with professional therapists on a regular basis.

Natural Health Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a Hindi term referring to a system which works in keeping a person’s mind, body and spirit in an ideal balance with nature. Natural health ayurveda consists of an effective practice known as panchakarma. It is a cleansing treatment which works in getting rid of body toxins in order to provide quick relief to an individual experiencing a continuous illness.

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