Our Healthcare Workers Are Still Drowning

It’s Your Health: Face The FACTS!

Rather than proceeding, in a state – of – denial, and procrastinating, a wise individual, proceeds, consistently, in a well – considered, effectively planned, manner, which identifies his personal needs, issues, priorities, goals, and perceptions, in a realistic manner. After all, it’s your health, and life, so, doesn’t it make sense, to take the time, and fully consider, your realities, and, thus, face the FACTS? Many people seem to proceed, denying reality, and seeming to believe, that issues will automatically go away.

When To HEAL Yourself?

Although, there are many times, we need, to seek professional assistance, from a trusted health professional/ medical doctor, there are, generally, even more times, when, each of us, would, probably, be, well – served, by focusing on, and trying, to so, all we can, to HEAL yourself! How can anyone, else, do you, the most good, and serve your maximum benefit, unless, you do your part, also? Wouldn’t you agree, only, when, we take advantage of all possibilities, and alternatives, will we be able to pursue, life, to the maximum potential, on a consistent basis?

How To Minimize ACHES And Pains?

Although, everyone experiences them, from time, to time, wouldn’t it be nice, if our ACHES and pains, could be minimized, and we could use a beneficial approach, which would best serve our personal needs, consistently? Obviously, nothing, we do, with ensure, we never suffer from the everyday ailments, but, when we better understand, our personal needs, requirements, strengths, and weaknesses, we will optimize our possibilities! This must become a part of our life’s regimen, and routine, and, it is important, to consistently, listen and pay attention to our body, and what it tells us!

How To Become A MASTER Of Your Own Destiny?

A loser is always a part of the problem. A winner is always part of the solution. A loser sees the sand trap in front of the green.

How Your Focus AFFECTS Your Health?

You are what you think! This adage, is extremely relevant, to our overall health, and well – being. Whether one pursues, the best possible course of action, or focuses, on the negative possibilities, often AFFECTS whether we are truly, happy, and healthy, or, let our personal negative thoughts, dominate us, or, whether, we consistently, are ready, willing, and able, to focus on, being, happier, and healthier.

How Does ENERGY HEALING Help You Feel Better, Relieve Pain, and Assist Humans and Animals to Heal?

Energy Healing is one of the least invasive and most powerful alternative healing modalities you can experience. Energy Healing can assist humans and animals who are sick, injured, preparing for surgery, recovering for surgery, or just feeling out-of-balance and needing a boost-up.

Why Maintaining An OPEN – Mind, Makes You Well?

You can think you can, or can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct! These words, often credited to Henry Ford, form an important basis, and focus, for each of us, to proceed through our lives, with.

How To Improve Your State Of MIND?

The great, Groucho Marx, is often, credited with saying, It’s a matter of mind over matter, and if you don’t have a mind, it doesn’t matter! While, most of us, laughed, not only because of the words, but, by, how he delivered those, using his famous props (cigar, glasses, etc). However, perhaps, the most essential consideration, in terms of our personal health, and well – being, is, when, we focus, on doing things, and taking actions, to improve our overall state of MIND, our overall health, and happiness, exponentially improves.

How To Minimize Your ANXIETY?

While, it is normal, to have certain fears, and anxieties, unless, we learn to minimize the negative impacts, and effects, and handle these, in a healthier manner, we often become, our own, worst enemy! When we minimize the ill – effects of ANXIETY, we normally, become better equipped, to proceed, in a happier, healthier manner! The Nobel Prize Winner, Dr.

Conventional, Or Alternative Treatment?: 4 Considerations

Each of us, must decide, for ourselves, how to focus his treatment and health – care emphasis. Should we, prioritize a conventional approach, or an alternative one, or, would we be better off, using a wellness mindset? In the United States, unlike most of the rest of the world, we use an emphasis, on allopathy, or chemical/ prescription drugs, treatment, of our symptoms, Many other countries, emphasize, either, an alternative system, or some combination, of what we consider that, to be, with allopathy, known as Wellness Medicine.

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