Memes Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You To See

What Actually Makes Us Sick And Fat?

Absorbing things around us is often the biggest education and eye opener. Just spend an hour or so, find a comfortable chair in a busy shopping center where there is a lot of foot traffic. You may still not believe that you are not dreaming, even if you pinch yourself. It’s almost like two miniature tsunamis coming from both sides made of people of all shapes and sizes. Many of them have both hands in full use: One hand is holding a cell phone and the other hand something to eat, making sure to keep that body mass already well out of proportion.

Craniosacral Therapy – The Best Therapy You Don’t Know About

Craniosacral therapy is a great option for muscle pain. I was skeptical about it at first, but after experiencing the therapy I am now a believer.

Sedentary Lifestyles and the Myriad of Effects, or, The Evolution of the Couch Potato

Sedentarity is something that we’ve begun to accept, but is causing more damage than we realize. There are risks to sitting too much, and these risks are not worth the trouble. There are ways to minimize the risks and gain benefit by changing the way you see your vocational habits, and your idle time at home.

Asparagus, Cure For Cancer?

There have been many claims of some vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs having cured cancers. There is strong evidence and proof that this is gaining popularity and is more effective than conventional medicine when it comes to real healing: Starting from the core problem and not just eliminating the symptoms. Medical skeptics are not easy convinced or necessarily overwhelmed about these types of cures. However, with such a large number of case histories that can hardly be ignored.

Is The Kidney Disease Solution Worth A Try

It’s not hard to understand why young people in their thirties or forties get so upset when diagnosed with hypertension, diabetes or kidney disease. It’s true, we all grow up to believe that our genes and lifestyle will influence our well-being someday. But, is it too much to expect those little warning signals that suggest that all may not be well with us? Sadly, when they do appear it is in the form of an occasional headache, a bout of giddiness or persistent tiredness. And we are seldom prompted to sit up and take notice. Unfortunate as it may seem, these characteristics are common to most major diseases.

Do Vaccines Damage Your Immune System?

Vaccines are a big Cash Cow for pharmaceutical companies. They are churning out new ones by the truck load and persuading the people of the developed world that their children will shrivel and die without them. The fear of disablement, and your duty a citizen and a parent, are used to counter arguments against. You are not a good citizen if you stand against this. You cannot receive any education unless you can prove you have been infected with a vaccine. You put my child at risk by not vaccinating yours… Big Brother really is out to get you – and I don’t mean Reality TV.

Get Your Low Back Pain In Control With A Chiropractor

Most health conditions are very clearly defined with easily measurable results. For example, if you break your arm, the doctor will immobilize it with a cast, and when the bones have healed, the arm is often stronger than before it was broken. When it comes to some cases of low back pain, the issues are not as clear, and your chiropractor will need to thoroughly assess the situation to provide the best results.

Chiropractor for Headaches

Chiropractors are trained to evaluate and diagnose the exact cause of your headaches. Muscle tension headaches and migraine headaches are second only to back pain when it comes to chronic pain issues. You can see a medical doctor for expensive tests such as MRI or CT scans of the brain, or for prescription pain killers that carry many harmful side effects.

How to Treat ADHD Naturally

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD, is a behavior disorder that is characterized by persistent inability to control physical activity, focus on a situation or idea, and control impulses. The standard treatment for this disorder is the stimulant drug, Ritalin, but if you prefer to treat ADHD naturally, there are several choices available that have shown positive results on ADHD symptoms.

Four Simple Secrets To Be Healthy This Spring

There are four simple secrets that you can utilize to enjoy spring and be healthy as we head into the warmer months. These steps are not expensive and will make you stronger and able to get the most from the spring and the coming summer.

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