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Garden Medicine

Having a certification as a master herbalist is great, but most of the time the people I work with don’t have access to out of the ordinary herbs. That’s fine, because there is plenty available from the garden and produce aisle.

Weather and Adrenal Fatigue

Does weather affect your adrenals? Can it cause fatigue? In this article, Nelson explains the impact weather can have on your adrenals.

It’s Not A Weed

The standing argument about lawn care in our home has been the definition of the word “weed.” What plants are weeds differs greatly depending on what you know about a plant.

Chilblains – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Chilblains is an abnormal reaction of the body to cold. Swelling, itching and pain in the hands, feet, fingers, toes, ears or nose are the usual symptoms. Anaemia, poor blood circulation and lack of exercise are the common causes. Chilblains can be treated with Homeopathy.

Why Sports Persons Require Chiropractic Care

Since 1976, when the Olympics included sports chiropractic, this form of therapy has played a major role in sports. The scope of this form of sports medicine includes rehabilitation and enhanced performance of musculoskeletal system, contribution in designing protective gear, treatment for trauma in contact sports, health management, and holistic therapy for sports injury. Many athletes prefer heading to a chiropractor than mainstream physician as it is a drug-free method of treatment. In addition, the therapy methods also helps in improving the performance of the sportsperson. Quite a number of sports have opted for chiropractic therapy.

Kids in the Flower Bed

My grandmother had the most beautiful flower beds I can remember. She showed us how to “snap” a snap dragon, but usually she didn’t let us in the garden. There was a good reason; some of the prettiest flowers can be deadly.

Herbal Preparation Methods

There are many different ways to use herbs. These methods are some of the most common.

Benefits of Olive Leaf Extract for Health

Olive leaf extract is a powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic herb. It either kills these microorganisms or prevents the spreading or multiplication of them within the body.

How Does Craniosacral Therapy Work?

Craniosacral therapy (CST) is a relatively new modality derived from osteopathy, a slightly older form of energy medicine. CST can be very beneficial for your health, but knowing how it works is certainly a good idea. This article explores how CST can help you.

Learn Reiki Healing Online Today

After spending over 10 years practicing Reiki, I found that learning Reiki is easier with self instruction. No longer will it take you years and thousands of dollars to learn.

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