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Chiropractic Treatment and the Gossip Mill Myths: What’s Really True?

In the past, chiropractic has been frowned upon by many people. Today, chiropractors receive a lot more recognition than they used to. After all, doctors of chiropractic get around the same number of college hours as any medical practitioner. There are several myths about what chiropractors do for their patients, but not everyone knows the actual reality in the art of spinal manipulations.

PurNail Pioneers Toenail Fungus Treatment

Locating the proper toenail fungus treatment often presents a challenge. Doctors often prescribe oral medicines for patients with this problem. These prescriptions are costly and come with no guarantee of success, however. In fact, they can even cause severe adverse side effects such as liver disorders and skin rashes. Consequently, many patients undergo surgical nail removal followed by up to a one-year wait for its regrowth.

What Is a Pilonidal Sinus and What Is the Treatment for It?

Pilonidal Sinus, also known as a tailbone abscess, is a capsule containing bacteria (pus) below the skin, in other words, enfleshed, in the natal cleft and its nearby part of the buttocks. The capsule is formed by bacteria to create an environment in which they can survive inside the human body. A tailbone abscess spreads, turning into a chain of various abscesses (like a carbuncle but non-contagious).

Cheap and Effective “How to Stop Snoring” Solution

According to studies there are 45% of men and 30% of women who snore. They are categorized as habitual snorers and occasional snorers. You may not know which of the categories you belong to so it is better to ask your family members to listen to you when you sleep.

Scoliosis Exercise – Are Weak Muscles The Cause?

One of the most common misconceptions I find among the general public in regards to understanding idiopathic scoliosis is they feel the condition is somehow due to weak spinal muscles or curve progression can be halted by strengthening spinal muscles through general scoliosis exercises.Both of these concepts couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Natural Products To Assist Your Daily Living

Quite often we dismiss natural products as a first measure to use when we are ill. We have perhaps been programmed to some extent to expect quick relief for pain and to use other prescribed medications and we don’t think about natural remedies as being able to assist us in our daily living but they can often help with many problems so we are not as reliant on drugs. Natural remedies can assist with a number of issues in our daily life -for example Cramp Bark (otherwise known as Viburnum opulus) is a great alternative when you have period pains as it relaxes all the muscles rather than just numbing away the pain as common pain killers do. It is best in a tincture for this reason as it goes easily into the bloodstream. Whilst on the subject of pain we need to also look at Arnica which is great for removing bruises, puffiness and swelling as well as easing pain. It can also be used to help with headaches if taken internally and to calm your nervous system in the case of trauma.

Honey and the Neti

We are full into the cold season once more and the germs are flying rampant again. Over 200 different viruses now compete for a place within the warm passages of the nose and throat. It’s also a hard task to avoid these bugs.

Throat Chakra – Your Gateway To Communication

Out of the seven chakras of the body, the Throat Chakra stands at serial number five. As per the name, it governs the zone of neck. Present at the centre of the throat, it regulates our power of speech, communication and expression of our feelings.

Gongs in Sound Therapy

I saw something unexpected while walking on the path between Venice and Santa Monica California yesterday, a sound healer. Ok, its Venice so pretty much anything goes but what interested me was that he was giving a session and people were watching. Sound Therapy is becoming more accepted as a part of holistic therapy.

Which Herbs Are the Best Natural Supplements for Depression and Anxiety?

There are many herbs that have potential use for treating depression and anxiety. However, there are several herbs that have been researched extensively and have documented evidence as to their effectiveness. That is an important factor to consider when looking for the best natural supplements for depression and anxiety. Another factor is, how widely they are used.

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