Frontline U.S. Doc in Ukraine Sees Our Humanity ‘At Stake’

The Effect of Late Night Tech Light on Your Health

All of our treasured tech toys emit blue-enriched light. If we are using our toys in the latter part of the evening, we run the risk of disrupting our natural sleep patterns. This article helps explain the importance of understanding how best to use our tech toys in healthy ways, with options for each one of us.

Use Your “Get Out Of Guilt Free” Card!

This article is about dealing with life’s ups and downs and grief. I share my perspective on loss and death based on my years working as a psychic medium.

Uses, Benefits And Side Effects Of Medicinal Yeast

Medicinal Yeast is known by many names including Dried Yeast Fermentate, Faex medicinalis, Levure de Biere and Levure Medicinale and the common name Brewer’s Yeast. The yeast is recommended for many health benefits because it offers an easy way of adding important nutrients to a healthy diet. Although eating a healthy diet is recommended, it is highly unlikely to get all the good vitamins and minerals from a regular diet.

Natural Fertility Treatments and How You Can Get Pregnant

Trying to have a baby without success? Try not to panic because this is normal. Treatments for fertility problems in women depend on what may be keeping the woman from getting pregnant.

Angina Treatment With 2 Herbal Treatments That You Should Know About!

Angina is the pain someone experiences with heart disease. Discover 2 herbal remedies that really should be on your radar when it comes to this condition.

Calm Your Cortisol

Tips to reduce your cortisol levels. Making dietary and lifestyle changes help you eliminate the stress that underlies disease.

Natural Methods To Help Control Pain

There are many common conditions that cause people to suffer for chronic pain. Some conditions and injuries require long-term therapy or they can only be treated and not cured. For the patients who are faced with a lifetime of pain, methods of pain management can be used to improve their quality of life.

Reviews Initiated By Scientific Literature on Energy Therapy

Energy medicine or energy healing is a branch of alternative medicine that holds that healing can be transferred to people looking for help using different methods, such as distance, hands-on and hands-off. Energy therapy is largely non-denominational. Therefore, practitioners do not require an individual’s religious faith in order to initiate a cure.

Dental Laser Surgery Relief: Stress Reducers

Surgeries involving dental lasers can be stressful events. Read these stress relief methods to help.

Break Out of the Antibiotics Cycle

While antibiotics are necessary, when taken repetitively they can wreak havoc. An easy alternative for ear infections and the importance of probiotics and a strong immune system.

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