Farewell, Fauci

Herbal Remedies – Why Use Them?

Despite the presence of modern medicine, herbal remedies still have firm supporters. Should you use herbal remedies? Why should you use them?

The Wonders of Aerobic Oxygen

Aerobic oxygen is otherwise known as stabilized oxygen. Most of the doctors and health experts are recommending and suggesting the usage of it on a habitual basis since it plays a key role in keeping the human body healthy. The modern technology has helped to make our lives simpler and much easier, however it has also led us to consume lots and lots of preserved and packed food stuff.

No More Meds Please: Does Chiropractic Work?

Not a big fan of taking medications? Wondering it chiropractic could help you or someone you love over-come their pain? The Ugly Alternatives to Chiropractic – Prescription pain medications cannot only be uncomfortable to take and expensive but come with many potentially dangerous and embarrassing side effects.

Peppermint Essential Oil – Body, Skin, Hair and Scalp

Learn all about peppermint essential oil! Peppermint oil has a variety of benefits for the body, skin, hair and scalp. Peppermint is an old world medicinal herb. It is used in commercial and homemade beauty products. This oil is cooling, conditioning, invigorating, soothing and refreshing. Find homemade liquid soap with peppermint oil.

Tanning in California Is a Crime for Minors: The Law, Rights, and UV Light Therapy

In California it’s now against the law for anyone under the age of 18 to use a tanning bed, even if they have parental permission. Come on. Let’s face it: We are exposed to the sun every single day of our living lives. Without our sun, we and all life on Earth would cease to exist. If you said the sun was bad for you it would be like saying the air we breathe is bad for us. The sun is a major part of our lives. Of course overexposure to the sun can be very harmful, but limited exposure can be extremely beneficial to your health.

Why You Dance When You Stub Your Toe

Everybody has heard of the “Five Senses”: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Actually there are more than 20 senses. Most of the senses apprise your brain of what’s going on inside rather than outside your body.

Should You Use Green Toothpaste?

Drugstore toothpastes contain substances that are not necessarily good for our teeth, leave alone overall health. Green toothpaste is natural, fluoride and harsh abrasives-free and… healthy.

Phiten Technology Explained

Phiten, the company was founded by Yoshihiro Hirata. He operated a chiropractic clinic in Japan, and discovered a way to aid in his patient’s physical pain. Word of mouth spread and his products became very popular.

Good Health Results From Being Connected

Your body has a circuit within it that connects your brain to your body in order to maintain your health. See how that connection can become compromised, and what can be done to restore it before your health suffers.

Has Your Child’s Pediatrician or Psychiatrist Been Honest Regarding ADHD Medications?

Perhaps the most alarming thing of all is the fact that some of these ADHD medications are known to increase the risk of suicide. Drug manufacturers don’t need this sort of media attention, because in essence, it could easily destroy what can only be described as an incredibly lucrative industry.

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