Doctor Reacts To Hysterical Medical Memes

Getting Enough Sleep?

Having difficulty sleeping at night? Can’t fall asleep or can’t stay asleep? One of the core necessities for a healthy life is to get adequate amounts of sleep. Without proper sleep we often have difficulty getting through our day as it hinders our ability to focus, our ability to lose weight, and our ability to feel motivated, among many other things. Find out more here!

Adrenal Insufficiency – How Stress Can Destroy Your Health

Adrenal insufficiency, otherwise known as adrenal fatigue, seems to have become an increasingly prevalent condition in our modern world. Why? Because we have become a world of overachievers, where working yourself to death is celebrated, we are constantly on the go, not taking enough time to relax, recover, and sleep. Find out more to see if you suffer from adrenal fatigue and what you can do about it!

How To Survive The Cold And Flu Season

As the temperature drops and we say goodbye to summer, we start to prepare for a long cold season, not just temperature wise, but in terms of illness. While getting the occasional cold and flu is not abnormal, it does put a damper on our day to day. In this article I’ll discuss a few good tips to help prevent getting the cold and/or flu.

Preventive Home Remedies to Stay Healthy and Happy

Natural treatments and home remedies are simple enough to add to your arsenal, especially since you can find most everything right in the kitchen. A little bit of this and that and you’re ready to go.

Herbal Supplements: Are You Getting What You Think?

The high cost and invasiveness of conventional treatments for pain management and other treatment areas have driven many to seek out natural alternatives. A new study warns customers that many companies sell products containing herbs not listed on the packaging.

What Is My Dosha?

Every human being is born with his own Dosha combination. It is determined at conception. The integration of the principles “Air” “Bile” “Mucus” in the parents are rearranged when the sperm meets the egg. Additional energies/radiation and other influences from the environment impose “universal cliche” on these combination of Dosha/principles, and determines it for life.

How to Choose a Drug Treatment Program

For the evaluation of drug treatment programs it is important to keep in mind that everybody has different needs. So if you are choosing a treatment program, here are some important points that you that you cannot overlook.

Low Ammonia Diet for Those Dealing With A1298, NOS, SUOX and CBS Mutations

Going on a lower ammonia/protein diet can often be beneficial for those dealing with many health conditions. Certain Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), which affect metabolic pathways, can lower levels of BH4 making it difficult for the body to detoxification and cycle ammonia through the body.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis: What to Expect After Your Session

When it comes to quit smoking hypnosis, most smokers want to know: What will I feel like when the session is over? There is no clean-cut answer to this question. For some people, hypnosis will have the” I-was-never-a-smoker” effect. They don’t think about cigarettes and will go about their daily lives as if cigarettes do not exist. There are no cravings or withdrawals.

Benefits of All Natural Products

Our health is a concern to many of us and there are some things that we can do which will increase our health. This is important, not only for us but also for our family, which is under our care. In recent years, there has been a shift from commercial products to those that are all-natural. Choosing these products in comparison to those that are not made from all-natural ingredients has many benefits. Here are a few that you should consider.

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