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Be Aware: The 3 Main Symptoms For TMJ

Temporomandibular joint or TMJ syndrome or disorder is a medical problem in the joint. Patients experience pain in the neck, head, face and ears. Patients might encounter problems in biting, popping sounds in biting, difficulty to open the jaw, and jaw lock. This article talks about 3 main symptoms for TMJ that you have to be aware of.

Your Five Minute TMJ Cure

There is no single TMJ cure, and doctors commonly prescribe painkillers to help relieve the discomfort. However, there are exercises which have been found to be helpful for strengthening the jaw muscles which can help to improve the symptoms of TMJ. This article tells you how.

The Sounds of Silence

Look for noiseless retreats on the internet and you will find 100s and 100s -, Vedanta, Quaker, Lutheran, Catholic, Buddhist. It appears that each and every spiritual convention encourages all of us to be motionless for a period, in order to quieten the countless chatter associated with the surface area of your mind and listen to your entire body to the silence…

Demystifying Cholesterol

There is perhaps no substance in the human body which has caused our society more recent concern than cholesterol. We are bombarded almost daily with advertising that urges us to “talk to your doctor” about how to lower the “bad” cholesterol that allegedly clogs our cardiovascular systems. While conferring with your health care practitioner is certainly advisable when dealing with this issue, it is imperative that we do so armed with accurate information. Some of this information is not well-known and, therefore, quite surprising.

How Does an Osteopath Work?

Many people go to an osteopath for a variety of conditions, but what do they actually do? Discover the four philosophies that under pin osteopathy and what an osteopath is doing when they see a patient.

Internal and External Use of Oils in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic oils are employed to address any specific health problem caused by an imbalance in doshas, or, interior tissues and humors. Oil treatments usually are most useful when you are healing several different health conditions, in particular ailments within the nervous system, skeletal system, and cells located deep within the body.

Life Is An Above-Down Inside-Out Thing

Life is an inside job. Learn how it works and why thinking that you can get your health from the outside, from a pill, potion or lotion, is a belief that can rob you of your health.

How to Use Himalayan Salt For Healing

There are other ways to use Himalayan salt aside from soaking your whole body in it. Let me share to you other ways on how you can use Himalayan salt for healing.

Childrens Nutrition – What’s Eating Your Child?

Kelly Dorfman offers nutritional advice for picky eating and childhood ailments in her text What’s Eating Your Child. She is very well-versed in nutrition and the text offers copious quantities of real case studies with which a desperate parent or physician will relate.

Using Tarot to Facilitate Healing

Are you aware of the inherent power in a Tarot card reading and how this guidance can assist you in your healing process? When you experience a reading with a gifted intuitive, you are receiving more than just random advice. You are tapping into an ancient system of divination which has been used for centuries to obtain specific guidance for the inquirer.

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