Diseases I’ve Only Seen In Textbooks

Are Illness and Disease What We Think They Are?

Is there more to illness and disease than meets the eye? Have we overlooked something in our quest to be free of our health issues? The answers to these questions may shock you, and provide a platform for you to begin living a life free of pain, illness, confusion and disease. Are you ready to look at illness and disease in a new light? Whatever your interests in health and medicine, this article will offer you new insights in helping you understand how to heal yourself and others.

Music for Mind, Body, and Soul

Music is a powerful tool that can stimulate the brain tapping into the unknown. Classical music is unique as it enhances memory retention, and promotes creative thinking.

Autism Information and Alternative Care

This article discusses chiropractic care as a complementary and alternative strategy for care for individuals with autism. Learn about physical, chemical and emotional factors that impact well-being and how chiropractic care can harness one’s natural healing abilities such that individuals may thrive and achieve their optimal level of health.

Self-Medicating: Taking the Natural Route

Natural and alternative treatments for common diseases have become so popular these days that they have joined the ranks of over-the-counter medication in many health stores and pharmacies. What many people do not know is that roughly half of today’s over-the-counter medicines are derived from plants.

Coltsfoot (Tussilago Farfara)

Coltsfoot is also commonly known as cough-wort, foal’s foot, son-before-father and English Tobacco. It is a perennial herbaceous plant belonging to the daisy family. But it appears in the early spring before the daisies

Benefits of Naturopathy

In today’s fast paced life, where everyone wants instant results, we often forget to stop and smell the roses. We want results and we want them fast.

Chiropractic Treatment for Sports and Auto-Accident Injuries

Each of us experiences different kinds of physical injury once in a while. While most of them can be managed without taking it to a medical doctor, there are those types that should not be taken out of serious consideration as they might further deteriorate and could cause more complications.

4 Contact Sports That You May Suffer From a Sports Injury

Despite all the safety measures taken to prevent injuries during sports, it is difficult to avoid it. There is no truly safe sport out there but some sports do pose a higher risk of injury. There is a group of sports called contact sports and these are at a higher risk of injuries.

Enjoy the Simple Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of nature’s most beneficial gifts to man. The oil has so many practical applications that will result in better hair, natural weight loss, beautiful skin as well as many other medicinal benefits. This article explores it all and shows simple ways on how one can personally benefit.

5 Ways Mangosteen Has Helped My Family With Health Issues

Mangosteen juice has been a part of my family’s lives since way back in 2006. From the very get-go, it has shown to be a product I want to have around at all times. As you start reading you’ll see why, and you will probably want it around for yourself and your family also! Here are five ways a routine of drinking a one or two ounce serving at least once a day helped my family.

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