The HIV Work group is a multidiscipline, interinstitutional, and a transborder work group that serves as a platform to contribute and support the implementation of activities and actions as well as generate recommendations focused on strengthening the fight against HIV/AIDS in the border region.

In addition, the work group works toward defining an action plan and recommendations that contribute to a stronger response against HIV/AIDS, particularly with regards to prevention, early detection & treatment in the CA/BC Border Region. Our objectives are the following:

  • Contribute to the Identification of the priorities with regards to HIV/AIDS in the border region
  • Contribute to an environmental scan to identify existing activities related to prevention, early detection and treatment in the border region
  • Support and help define and implement mechanisms to obtain in-kind and/or financial resources
  • Contribute to the development of documents that share recommendations

For more information regarding upcoming meetings and current activities, please contact Prisci Quijada at or Lic. Jorge Bedoya