A New Year Head Start

Adriana Buelna, Rosa Ceseñas, Juan Olmeda, Dra. Melissa Machado, Dra. Marcela Romo, Justine Kozo, Marlet Vizcarra, Oscar Talaro

The Mental Health Work Group for the Consortium met on January 18, 2018 in El Centro, CA. at the Cancer Resource Center of the Desert. Rosa Ceseñas, a member of the work group and an Outreach Navigator for the resource center greeted everyone with a friendly smile and a welcoming heart to start off the year. During this meeting the group was able to review the success of the Binational Health Symposium which was held back in October of last year in Tijuana, B.C. The group brainstormed ideas for the upcoming symposium which will be held in October 2018.

The members discussed their goals and objectives for 2018 as well which include focusing on education, resource dissemination, and community empowerment. They are looking forward to exploring binational training opportunities for mental health practitioners in the border regions.


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